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Shop Local

Following is an extract from the authored by Lory Kehoe outlining the need to support local business during the pandemic and afterwards.
'We must do our bit to support independent retailers as best we can, to ensure their survival for a post-pandemic future – think of it as a grassroots stimulus package.
We are living through unprecedented and uncertain times, and the lockdown has presented SMEs with critical business continuity challenges. The cafes, bookstores, flower shops, design shops and delis that line our villages and main streets are vital to the fabric of our communities.
They centre community life, contributing to the close-knit feel of our localities and forging a sense of belonging amongst residents. In isolating times such as these, when our worlds have shrunk to fit within a 2-kilometre radius, upholding this solidarity and sense of togetherness is more important than ever.
When you purchase at locally owned businesses, more money is kept in the community, paying for piano lessons, school books, and paint jobs on local houses, as opposed to lining distant shareholders’ pockets.
These are the businesses that create summer jobs for local teens, the shops that you feel comfortable having your kids run to for a ’99 in the summer, and who readily offer up hampers and vouchers for GAA club raffles. Having amenities within walking distance from our homes is a luxury we shouldn’t overlook, they are a lifeline for many of our elderly and most vulnerable citizens.'
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