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Residents Residents Association Update
The  coronavirus has heavily impacted our plans so far this year. In  accordance with government health and safety guidelines we were unable  to organise any events over the past months, and it appears this trend  will continue for some time to come. However, your committee is still  very much active and has been meeting virtually and in the open-air when  weather permitted. As the RRA is currently being overseen by an interim  committee and with the AGM provisionally scheduled for last April  cancelled because of Covid, we have decided to continue until such time  as an AGM is feasible. We will keep updating the site and Facebook as  needs be.

In  the meantime, our virtual meetings focused mainly on the planning  application for the redevelopment of 28 Dale Road, it being the main  item on the agenda. The RRA together with 40 residents lodged  observations with Dun Laoghaire Rathdown Planning Department, and we  succeeded in the planning application being rejected. The developers  have since lodged an appeal with An Bord Pleánala and we as an  association duly presented our observations at a cost of €50. We believe  residents also lodged personal observations. We understand no decision  will be made by An Bord Pleánala until sometime in December 2020.

Be assured the RRA has lots of items to focus on and we will keep you all informed over the coming months.

Stay safe

28 Dale Road planning refused by DLRCOCO - appeal lodged by developers with An Bord Pleánala
Ceannabo Limited have lodged an appeal with An Bord  Pleanala as a consequence of Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Councils  refusal to grant permission for the demolition of the existing 28 Dale  Road building with a view to constructing a four story mixed use  development.
Residents who objected to the original planning application should automatically receive notification of the appeal.

The appeal will not be heard until December 2020

28 Dale Road
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