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Kilmacud is a suburban area in Dublin in the local authority area of Dun  Laoghaire-Rathdown.

In essence, it is a collection of middle-class  housing estates built in the 1950s by a range of small private  construction companies to cater for the growing market of those able to  raise mortgages of £3,000 approx to buy their own homes. Its focus is  the 'Redesdale Garden Estate', drawing its name from the local  mansion—now St. Anne's former girls' reform school—of the British  right-wing politician Lord Redesdale, whose daughters the Mitford  sisters had achieved celebrity and notoriety in British society. Many  other houses and apartments have been built in the area since the 1950s.
Kilmacud  is north of Sandyford, east of Dundrum and south of Goatstown. The west  end of the Lower Kilmacud Road starts in Goatstown, heading in a  southerly direction. It then goes southeast through what appears to be a  narrow shortcut and on out to the end of Drummartin Road and turns  east. From there it continues eastwards through to the Stillorgan dual  carriageway or N11. In total, it is about 2.6 kilometres or 1.6 miles  long. The Upper Kilmacud Road starts in Dundrum and going uphill  initially it continues eastward, levels off, and continues until a sharp  corner brings it northward and downhill. It joins the Lower Kilmacud  Road close to St. Laurence's Boys School. It is about 2.9 kilometres or  1.8 miles long.
The difference between  Kilmacud and Stillorgan is somewhat ambiguous. For example Kilmacud  Crokes GAA club is located in Stillorgan and Stillorgan's Roman Catholic  parish is called Kilmacud. Kilmacud can be described as the area  between and immediately around the Upper and Lower Kilmacud Roads. A now  gone placename sign for Stillorgan stood up until the 1970s near  Beaufield Park, which is on the section of the Lower Kilmacud Road  running between the shops near St. Laurence's Church, and the Stillorgan  Shopping Centre. This would have been on the western edge of the  Stillorgan, and many of the existing housing estates mentioned earlier  would not have been in place prior to the 1950s, so it would have marked  the beginnings of a built-up area. The area now referred to as Kilmacud  would have been on the western side of the sign, with the Chapel of SS  Laurence and Cuthbert close by. This was long before the current church  dedicated just to St. Laurence O'Toole, which opened in 1969.
Kilmacud Crokes is a major G.A.A. club whose clubhouse, Glenalbyn is located directly opposite the Stillorgan shopping centre.
Kilmacud's primary  schools are Scoil Lorcain Naofa, St Raphaela's Primary School and Mount  Anville National School, the secondary schools are St. Benildus College,  Mount Anville Secondary School and St. Raphaelas School.
The LUAS light-rail  system runs south of Kilmacud and has two stations in the area,  Stillorgan and Kilmacud, the former being on the edge of the Sandyford  Industrial Estate and beside the main reservoir. The Kilmacud stop is  south of the grounds of St. Benildus College.

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